Register of Public Sector Partners in Slovakia

For my clients who are public sector partners (PSP), I fulfil the obligations of the authorised person pursuant to the respective Slovak Act on the Register of Public Sector Partners.

In general, and among others, a natural person or a legal person that on the basis of a single contract receives funds exceeding the threshold of EUR 100,000 for a single payment or a total of EUR 250,000 (both without VAT) from the public sector (e.g., from the state budget, public institution budget, municipal budget, European funds), is considered to be a PSP and, therefore, it must be registered in the Register of Public Sector Partners (RPSP).

A PSP is not authorised to submit the proposal for its registration in the RPSP. Such registration must be done through a so-called authorised person (e.g., an attorney at law). For example, if a company doing business with the Slovak public sector needs to be registered in the RPSP, it must first conclude a mandatory written engagement agreement with the authorised person. Only after such an agreement is concluded, the authorised person carries out for the PSP all the statutorily prescribed actions related to the RPSP.

As your authorised person, I will provide you with mainly the following services:

  • Identification of your ultimate beneficial owner (UBO)
  • Submission of a proposal for your registration in the RPSP
  • Regular verification of your ultimate beneficial owner in cases and within deadlines stipulated by law
  • Submission of proposals for registration of changes to data entered in the RPSP
  • Legal advice on statutory obligations related to the RPSP
  • Submission of a proposal for your deletion from the RPSP

Who is the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO)?

As part of the PSP registration, the list of its UBOs is also entered into the RPSP. The UBO is every natural person who, alone or together with someone else, owns or controls (directly or indirectly) the PSP or in favour of whom the PSP operates its business activities. In general, the UBO of a commercial company is in particular a person who:
  1. has at least 25% of the voting rights (direct or indirect);
  2. has at least 25% share in the registered capital;
  3. has the right to appoint or recall the members of statutory, management, supervisory or control body;
  4. exerts control of the company by other means than stated in Nos. 1. to 3. above;
  5. is entitled to an economic benefit of at least 25% from the business or other activities of the company; or
  6. meets the above criteria jointly with another natural person with whom it acts in accord.

If no natural person meets the above criteria, the company's statutory body / members of the statutory body are deemed to be its UBO.

Exception: In the following cases, the statutory body / members of the statutory body of the PSP are registered in the RPSP instead of its UBO:

  • PSP is an issuer of securities admitted to trading on a stock exchange or other regulated market; or
  • PSP is a company that is directly / indirectly exclusively owned and directly / indirectly managed by such issuer.

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