Real Estate in Slovakia

I provide my clients with legal advice mainly in relation to acquisition, sale and lease of real estate in Slovakia, including its financing.

In case of interest, selected engagements in the area of real estate in which I participated can be found HERE.

Which legal services in this area do clients request most often?

Real Estate Purchase Agreement

What is the main cause of problems when transferring real estate? Using a free purchase agreement template downloaded from the Internet. Have the agreement prepared or reviewed by an expert who knows exactly what needs to be done so that nothing surprises you after signing the agreement.

Lease Agreement

Avoid haggling about rent increase or payments for repairs, or even an unexpected termination notice. I will prepare a clear and practical lease agreement for you, anticipating all situations that arise during a lease.

(Re)construction of a building

Most constructions or reconstructions of buildings do not go without problems. You can minimise misunderstandings or other complications and their consequences also thanks to a correctly set up agreement. I will help you prepare such an agreement so that you have the (re)construction of the building under control.

See what else I can help you with in the area of real estate in Slovakia

  • Verification of the legal condition of real estate
  • Preparation and negotiation of complete documentation related to transfer or lease of real estate
  • Assistance in negotiating loan documentation with the financing banks
  • Legal advice on establishment and exercise of pledges on real estate
  • Legal advice regarding easements
  • Legal advice in connection with real estate defect claims
  • Legal advice for real estate agencies
  • Assistance or representation in cadastral proceedings
  • Assistance or representation in real estate disputes

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