Mergers & Acquisitions in Slovakia

I provide my clients with legal advice regarding all of the usual acquisition structures - transfer of an enterprise or its part, transfer of individual assets or groups of company assets, or transfer of shares or ownership interests in a Slovak company. My advice in this area also includes all forms of mergers and demergers of Slovak companies as well as internal group reorganisations.

In case of interest, selected engagements (in addition to many legal due diligence of companies) in the area of mergers & acquisitions in which I participated can be found HERE.

Which legal services in this area do clients request most often?

Legal due diligence of a company

Are you planning to sell your company and would like to know about its legal condition beforehand? Or, on the contrary, are you considering buying a company and would not like to buy a pig in a poke? I will thoroughly check the requested legal relations in the company. And before making the important decision, you will have the necessary information about the company's legal condition, including assessment of the identified risks and recommendations on how to deal with them.

Non-disclosure Agreement

Trade secrets and know-how are among the most valuable things your company has. Protect them like the apple of your eye. I will prepare a non-disclosure agreement that will protect these valuables when providing information about the company to its potential buyer or investor in the company.

Transfer of ownership interests or shares

The process of selling or buying ownership interests or shares can be more complicated than it might seem at first glance. Leave these difficulties to me and I will assist you at all possible stages of the transaction. I will advise you on what to look out for or what situations may arise in the sale or purchase process, and I will try to ensure the smoothest possible course of the entire transaction.

See what else I can help you with in the area of mergers & acquisitions in Slovakia

  • Legal advice on setting up the transaction structure
  • Legal advice on competition law regulation (concentrations)
  • Preparation, negotiation and assistance in signing the transaction documentation
  • Assistance in fulfilling the conditions precedent for successful completion of the transaction
  • Legal advice on post-transaction setup of a company
  • Legal advice regarding merger or demerger of companies
  • Legal advice in connection with internal group reorganisation

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