Intellectual Property & IT in Slovakia

I provide my clients with legal advice mainly in matters of trademarks, know-how, domains and copyright in Slovakia, including on issues of software development, implementation, licensing and its maintenance. My legal services in this area also include protection of clients against unfair competition by their competitors in Slovakia that they may commit when infringing the intellectual property rights of my clients.

In case of interest, selected engagements in the area of intellectual property & IT in which I participated can be found HERE.

Which legal services in this area do clients request most often?

Legal due diligence of IP

Entrepreneurs all too often underestimate the protection of their copyright, know-how or other intellectual property and only deal with already existing problems or disputes. However, these inconveniences can be avoided. Even in legal life, prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure.

Trademark registration

Building a brand costs a lot of effort, whether it's the name of your company or the designation of your product or service. Protect your brand with a trademark so that your competitors do not benefit from your hard work.

Non-disclosure Agreement

Do you provide or plan to provide your business partner with confidential information? Protect your trade secrets or know-how. I will help you correctly set up the ways in which your business partner will be entitled to handle the information provided.

Development Agreement

Are you developing or ordering software, a website or other complex copyrighted work? Avoid unnecessary complications, misunderstandings or conflicts during the creation of the copyrighted work, but also after its delivery. I will prepare a clear and practical agreement for you, on the basis of which both parties will know clearly what, when and how it should happen.

Licence Agreement

Do you want to sell your software, graphics, videos or photos while having your copyright duly protected? A well-designed license agreement will save you a lot of nerve and resources if your client uses your work differently than you originally imagined. I will help you prepare such an agreement, which will clearly state how and where your work can(not) be used.

Service Level Agreement

After delivery of the software, it is necessary to solve its maintenance. This issue is addressed in the service level agreement, which, however, entrepreneurs sometimes forget to conclude. The service level agreement must be set up correctly to reflect the maintenance requirements of the specific software. Otherwise, the agreement is inapplicable in practice and its performance will not lead to the satisfaction of either party.

See what else I can help you with in the area of intellectual property & IT in Slovakia

  • Legal advice on providing PaaS and SaaS
  • Adjustment of relations with IT employees / workers
  • Setting up relations between the software developer and its distributors
  • Setting up relations between the parties in joint development of software or technology
  • Legal advice regarding domain names
  • Legal advice on unfair competition, including on protection of business name or trade secrets
  • Assistance or representation in intellectual property disputes

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