Corporate Matters

I provide my clients with legal services for every stage of a company's life, from the selection of the appropriate legal form and scope of business activity, through its incorporation, adjustment of internal relations, changes in the company, to its winding-up and dissolution.

In case of interest, selected engagements in the area of corporate matters in which I participated can be found HERE.

Which legal services in this area do clients request most often?

Incorporation of a limited liability company (LLC)

The process of incorporating an LLC is accompanied by a load of paperwork. Leave it to me and start your business without worrying about previous debts and other risks of ready-made companies. Among other things, I will help you to correctly set up the relations between the LLC’s corporate bodies in order to avoid disputes in the future and I will also advise you on your legal obligations.

Agreement on performance of the function of executive

Set up the relations between the LLC and its statutory body correctly so that neither party is exposed to unnecessary risks and neglects any of its obligations. For example, did you know that if the remuneration of the executive is not agreed in writing between him and the LLC, the executive is entitled to usual remuneration, while the law only sets out general rules for the method of its calculation?

Shareholders' Agreement

It is not always sufficient if the relations between the shareholders are governed only by the plain company’s founding documents. Especially company founders often swear that they can overcome any disagreement through discussion. I have encountered the opposite many times in my practice. I will help you set up your relations with other shareholders so that you will not have to resolve possible future disagreements through the courts.

See what else I can help you with in the area of corporate matters

  • Incorporation of any legal form of a company (not just LLC)
  • Obtaining business licences
  • Changes to the company’s founding documents
  • Changes in statutory bodies
  • Increase and decrease of the registered capital
  • Preparation of documentation for the General Meeting of shareholders
  • Setting up the relations between the company and members of its corporate bodies
  • Setting up the relations between companies within a holding group
  • Legal advice in the area of joint ventures
  • Legal advice in case of bankruptcy, imminent bankruptcy or other difficulties of a company
  • Winding-up, liquidation and deletion of a company from the Commercial Register

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