Agreements with Suppliers & Customers in Slovakia

I provide my clients with legal advice on setting up their contractual relations with business partners in Slovakia. My goal in providing (not only) this advice is to understand the needs and specifics of your business, as well as your motivation to enter into and perform the agreement, which will allow me to reliably anticipate and cover the relevant risks you may face after entering into the agreement.

In case of interest, selected engagements in the area of agreements with suppliers & customers in which I participated can be found HERE.

Which legal services in this area do clients request most often?

Legal due diligence of agreement templates

Do you use time-tested agreement templates? But you probably don't have time to follow the changes in the laws and the decision-making practice of the courts. Obsolete and outdated wording of the agreements may be ticking time bombs. Have them thoroughly checked so that you do not have to calculate the damage afterwards.

Framework Agreement

The recipe for successful long-term business cooperation is mutual trust and clearly defined rules. A well-designed framework agreement will save you a lot of misunderstandings, stress or even a litigation when things take a different direction than you originally imagined.

General Terms & Conditions (GT&C)

How to painlessly enter into contractual relations with hundreds of customers? The solution is GT&C. I will prepare clear and practical GT&C for you. Or do you already have GT&C, but you are not confident about their current wording? Keep your business in line with the law, have your GT&C checked and thus avoid problems with customers or public authorities.

See what else I can help you with in the area of agreements with suppliers & customers in Slovakia

  • Legal advice in pre-contractual relations
  • Preparation and negotiation of various contractual documentation with business partners
  • Legal advice to suppliers in the field of consumer protection
  • Preparation and negotiation of amendments, security and other legal documentation to existing agreements
  • Legal advice on risks in existing contractual relations and measures to eliminate or mitigate them

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