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I will help you in those areas in which I have a business overview, relevant experience and a thorough understanding of them.
I want you to be in the best hands.

Please choose from the following areas:

Corporate Matters

Are you looking for a reliable partner in the field of corporate law? The world of corporations is my cup of tea. I provide legal services for every stage of a company's life.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you selling / buying a company or are you interested in investing in one? Or are you planning to reorganize your business? Contact me and I will guide you through the complex world of mergers and acquisitions.

Agreements with Suppliers & Customers

Have your agreements prepared or reviewed by an attorney who is familiar not only with the law but also with the world of business. A properly set up agreement can make the difference between success and failure in business.

Commercial Disputes

The best dispute is the one that will not happen at all. However, if there is a dispute in your business relations that can no longer be resolved without a lawyer, I will advise you on how to resolve it as efficiently as possible.

Register of Public Sector Partners

Are you planning to do business with the public sector in Slovakia and need to register in the Slovak Register of Public Sector Partners? As your authorised person, I will help you not only with your registration therein.


Dealing with matters regarding employees often requires a sensitive approach in addition to a thorough knowledge of the law. Entrust their solution to an experienced attorney.

Real Estate

Whether you are selling, buying, building or renting a real estate, you can get burned pretty badly without legal assistance. In the field of real estate, you need to have solid not only the building foundations but also the legal ones.

Intellectual Property & IT

Protect your brand, know-how or copyrighted works, and thus your business. I will help you protect your intangible wealth so that no one abuses or appropriates the results of your creativity.

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The initial consultation is non-binding and free of charge. If your legal matter falls into any of the above areas, you can book your initial online consultation below.